Arbor Snowboards 2010-2011

24 Feb, 2010

Arbor’s been in the game of building performance driven snowboards since 1995 and while most of their focus has been freeride they’ve been building solid freestyle boards that are getting more looks each year.  They continue with their environmental awareness without green washing their board line, they do what they can and continue to build boards around what works.  They’ve refined their talent for art into board design and consistently pushing out beautiful works of art that you can ride.

After last season’s success with the System Technology, Arbor has created different versions dependent on the style of riding.  For 10-11, they have the jib system (last year’s system), the park system and the mountain system.  The jib system is a parabolic rocker with true-twin shapes, robusto tips, softer flexs with bronze edges.  The park system is a parabolic rocker with true-twin shapes, corona tips, me-soft flex and steel edges.  The mountain system is a parabolic rocker with directional-twin shapes, toro tips, medium flexes and steel edges.  Each of those systems feature grip tech which is an additional contact point added to where the bindings are.

For the camber riders, Arbor hasn’t forgotten their signature line of boards based around charging the mountain and offer those boards like the Aframe, Abacus, Element, Roundhouse, Push in camber for 10-11.

If you missed their office tour from last fall, you can check out what Arbor looks like behind the scenes.

Arbor Westmark, Draft, Cadence

Arbor Westmark features park system, true twin, standard width, med-soft flex

Sizes:  150, 153, 156, 159

Arbor Draft features jib system, true-twin, standard width, soft flex.

Sizes:  143, 147, 149.5, 153, 155, 158.5

Arbor Cadence features park system, women’s specific, true-twin, med-soft flex.

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 151

Arbor Coda, Formula, Westmark

Arbor Coda features the mountain system, directional-twin, standard width, medium flex.

Sizes:  153, 157, 161, 165

Arbor Formula features the mountain system, directional-twin, standard width, medium flex.

Sizes:  148, 152, 155, 158, 161

Arbor Wasteland, Nightrain, Del Rey, Eden

Arbor wasteland features camber, directional-twin, mid-wide, medium-flex

Sizes:  155, 159, 163

Arbor Nightrain features camber, directional-twin, standard width, medium flex

Sizes:  155, 158, 161

Arbor Del Rey features camber, true-twin, standard width, med-soft flex

Sizes:  150, 153, 155, 158

Arbor Eden features women’s specific, camber, directional, medium flex

Sizes:  140, 144, 148, 152, 156

Arbor Aframe, Abacus, Element CX, Roundhouse, Push

Arbor Aframe features camber, directional, standard width, med-stiff flex

Sizes:  158, 162, 166, 170

Arbor Abacus features camber, tapered directional, mid-wide, medium flex.

Sizes:  159, 164

Arbor Element CX features camber, directional, standard width, medium flex.

Sizes:  152, 155, 158, 161, 165

Arbor Roundhouse features camber, directional, wide, medium-flex

Sizes:  159, 163, 167

Arbor Push features women’s specific, camber, directional, medium flex.

Sizes:  144, 148, 152, 156

Up close base of Arbor Eden/Draft

Up-close of Arbor Wasteland Graphic

Here’s a video with Charlie on the Arbor Westmark that goes more in detail and talks about the grip-tech contact points.

2010-2011 Arbor Westmark from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

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  1. Jeff
    February 24, 2010

    Arbor is no longer pressing their boards out of GST. They are using ELAN now, so that means no more Structurn technology on their bases, as GST owns the patent. I really like Structurn and find it works very well. So I will no longer be on an Arbor. Maybe I’ll try Mark Carters promodel as Weekend is using the GST factory and the Structurn patent. Shay, are you going to do a Weekend write up/review?

  2. e
    February 24, 2010

    I rode the Nightrain(think it was that one), it’s their cheapest board….but it was super clean and rode really well. It was one of the few boards that I tried that was actually nice to ride. Rode a lot of companies new shapes and the vast majority had me wishing I could just ride the lift back down. Good job Arbor, Good Job Bob and the designer(forget his name).

  3. Jon Blindside
    February 24, 2010

    Arbor is doing a great job. Actually, the big surprise at the on-snow was the Formula. A $295.00 reverse camber with griptech that absolutely killed it!

  4. Jessica
    February 24, 2010

    Here’s my completely shallow contribution:
    Arbor has the most amazing designs I have ever seen!

  5. Travis
    February 24, 2010

    Going to have to agree w Jessica, I havent ridden an Arbor before but they have some of the raddest graphics. Has a certain unique look to it, just like Capita graphics

  6. February 25, 2010

    Love what they are doing, and glad to see them totally stepping it up on the graphics front. Amazing artwork this year!

  7. John C
    February 25, 2010

    I just wanted to chime in, I think the “cheapest board” that Jon is referring to is the Formula, the Nightrain is not too expensive ($495) but it isn’t our cheapest board. The Nightrain is still cambered and is a true twin board built a little stiffer for Pipe and hard charging.

  8. Shnarch
    February 26, 2010

    Sick boards! I really want one of their higher end girl specific boards. The Eden seems perfect as an all mountain, versatile board, but the push and the cadence seems more advanced with all that extra tech put into it. Has anyone ridden the Eden? I also like the idea of a Formula in 148!

    Agreed with the above….The artwork is amazing. 🙂 Although I am a little scared by the cadence, just for the mere fact that she is staring right at me! Westmark Coda and Eden (nice base as well) are my favourite graphics.

  9. February 27, 2010

    we have a 155 wasteland demo that is the most amazing board i have ever ridden. i bought two other boards this season that i dont ride because any day i go up i snag the wasteland. awesome face melting straightlines down chutes, cliff drops, jibs, park, street. i know what im getting next season

  10. COUberGrrl
    April 04, 2010

    @Shnarch – I have the 08/09 Eden and it is amazing. While I actually learned on it (it was SO fun and forgiving) I am now an intermediate rider. It more than delivers, and I would feel very confident recommending it to all but the most advanced rider. Love the artwork on my board and actually plan on buying the 10/11 Eden for the same reason. Will also be picking up the 10/11 Push at the start of this next season as well. I really want to try the Cadence, and will do what I can to get one end of season on sale. I LOVE the artwork on all of the women’s snowboards this coming year – this last year, not as much – GREAT job Arbor!

  11. April 04, 2010

    I’ve been riding the cadence and it’s one of those graphics that people either love or hate. Personally it’s grown on me but the board itself has won me over. Now it’s onto the Draft to ride.

    COUberGrrl, the 10-11 eden is one of my fav’s as well for graphics… I think it’s amazingly beautiful in the design of it.

  12. Snow Witch Elemental
    April 22, 2010

    I rode the Arbor Element for a half season. It is the most precise, stable, and responsive lively board I have ridden so far, and I own 4 boards already.
    I am a girl, 120 lbs, 5foot 2 inch, and I am extremely happy I bought this men’s board. So, you agressive female riders, go ahead, and get the Element, you won’t regret it. It is such a big mountain gun, nothing else can compare to it.

  13. shnarch
    May 14, 2010

    Snow Witch – What size is the Arbor Element that you ride? Do you find it best for freeride?

  14. Snow Witch Elemental
    July 20, 2010

    Shnarch-I have the 152 cm, 2009 Element. Yes, of the four other boards I have (Salomon Ivy, Burton Vapor, Rosignol One Mag, and Roxy Olli Pop), the Element is awesome on big mountain steeps and grooms, well, powder is hard to come by,lol. But for the freerides other than the pow, I adjusted the stance more toward the center. It makes an awesomely balanced ride and it turns like on a butter.

  15. Snow Witch Elemental
    July 20, 2010

    Actually, some of the graphic designs this year are quite ugly. Eye-sore, I would say. Fortunately, the substance of these boards stays unchanged, and they are all great boards.
    Seriously, painting some ghosts and skeletons on a board makes it very depressing. Snowboarding is a chearful, fun sport, and in my opinion, the desings should reflect this fact, not to supress it.

  16. G3snow
    September 16, 2010

    Hi, someone can help?

    Just got the Arbor Coda 2011, 157 cm Rockered board, I do a lot of pow and my fear is if the board will have a good floating with my weight (160-170 lbs) I had a good deal on eBay, but 161 cm would have be better I think… anyone in my weight ride an Arbor and can tell me how is it?


  17. deeppow
    September 19, 2010

    a 157 cm rocker at your weight should be fine in powder if you set your stance back a bit from whatever you’re used to for normal riding. If it were a normal camber board I would say go bigger, but with a rocker they tend to keep the nose up better on their own. My only concern would be the width, but just keep your nose up and go fast! 😉

  18. knadi
    October 31, 2010

    Hello everyone… Since I live in Italy arbor snowboards are completely unknown here…Actually i found out about arbor beacuse i’m sick of seeing burton (or Forum) boards every time i go snowboarding!!

    I’ve been through lots of snowboard-reviews and most agreed that arbor makes good boards but i’d like to hear from someone that rides one if it’s worth to buy an arbor rather than a more popular and easy to find brand….

    After that: can anyone tell me tell me wich one is better between the Westmark and Del Rey? I like riding park kickers and true twin boards so i guess that the del rey should be the most obvious choiche right? I’ts just that I really don’t like the look of this year design so i was interested in knowing a little bit more about the westmark too which has nicer graphics (I know that rockered boards aren’t that good on jumps… but i’d really like to try one eventually!).

  19. October 31, 2010


    Sweet on checking out Arbor and trying a new brand out there! I definitely think they are a solid brand to buy and support.

    For differences between those two boards:

    Arbor Westmark features park system, true twin, standard width, med-soft flex. Sizes: 150, 153, 156, 159

    Arbor Del Rey features camber, true-twin, standard width, med-soft flex. Sizes: 150, 153, 155, 158

    If you prefer camber and riding jumps, want that stability then the del rey. The westmark you’ll have to adjust to but it actually wouldn’t be that bad of a choice. What size are you considering for each board? What’s your weight?

  20. macik
    November 01, 2010

    I’m looking for a new board 2010. I’m riding for 12 years already. I like to ride all mountain, more off the slope. Would love to do some more of jumping and park, powder too. Just want to lern some new stuff, because I got bored of riding on the slopes:o)It’s very hard to find the right board. Specially if u can buy just one. I was riding all the time on mans second hand board. So this is going to be my first women snb. Could you pls recommend me some snb?? I’m thinking about GNU B pro BTX or Arbor Cadence, but could be any other boards. just a bit lost with all the new technologies:o)
    Thank you guys!!!
    Let it snow.

  21. Keither
    November 04, 2010

    You can’t go wrong with either the Cadence or the BPro, but the BPro will be a little more stable with the Banana/Camber combo. Both are top notch choices tho, just don’t go with a Burton please 😉

  22. November 04, 2010


    Sweet on the new board! The two boards, cadence vs b-pro are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Cadence is the softer park board, B-pro is a more stiffer freeride board that can handle park. If you want all mountain, consider the roxy eminence/arbor aden/roxy ollie pop. But really depends on what percentage you ride each, definitely the cadence and b-pro are two very different boards. Also do you want a rocker/reverse camber option or camber? Where do you live?

  23. JL
    December 02, 2010

    Hey Shay…the smallest coda size is 153. I weigh roughly 130 lbs and I free ride 95% of the time…however, being on the east coast, to stay entertained I’m dabbling more into ground tricks and baby park. Is the 153 ok for that? How stiff is it? I currently ride an 08 151 custom…and i find that pretty dang stiff for my weight to do anything. I’m not really considering the westmark as thats park oriented…and the formula is awesome…but i’m looking for a sintered base.


  24. Kamran
    December 06, 2010

    I currently ride a 151 all mountain board and need to replace…im an intermediate rider and was looking at the arbor coda board (153). I was wondering if this board would be too much for me to handle. my 2nd choice is the never summer sl (151).

    Just curious on your thoughts.


  25. Cb-nomad
    December 09, 2010

    Hi, there!
    I want to ask real impressions about Arbor Coda 2011 (from the people who tested or already own this board) – I’m near to buy this stuff.
    Think, G3Snow can help)
    And I also have the same quesion about the height – I’m 5 foot 12 inches and around 170 lbs – 161 or 165?))
    I’m plan to ride 50% in big mountains and 50% on my regional artificial slopes (i’m not from mountains’ region)
    Pls advise.

    thank you,

  26. December 09, 2010

    JL, Yeah 153cm works fine for your weight and what you are looking for. If you think the custom is stiff, the 153 coda will probably be stiff for you. I reviewed the coda last year and have the flex discussion there. If you want softer, maybe consider the westmark even though it’s park orientated.


    Here’s last years coda review for you

    Any region you go that big on board size? Board size is determined by weight and you don’t need bigger than a 159, preferably a 155-158 for your weight and what you ride. If you ride pow all the time, sure bigger is a good idea but yeah you don’t need it.

  27. Cb-nomad
    December 10, 2010

    thank you for reply!
    I looked through your review, interesting, but Coda of this year goes not cambered but rockered and with grip-tech (kind of magnetraction), so its hard to compare.
    As for size – my 177 lbs gross is exactly in the mid of weight range, recommended for 161 by Arbor. Another my thought here – I heard rockered bords are much easier to turn, so you can choose bigger size and not lose fast response in turns but gain additional stabilty on high speed and additional floatness in pow.
    what do you think?

    thank you once again!

  28. CL
    December 10, 2010

    Hey Shay, Loving the new Arbor boards, sick graphics! I am in the market for a new board after riding for 7 years on my first one (Men’s Sims FS board 156… from ’03!) It is more of a park board, but I’m a bigger gal at 5’10” so I’ve managed on it fairly well. I have actually been debating between the Push, Eden or Gnu B-Pro. I love riding powder, trees, and am not really into parks. Any suggestions? (I’ve also heard that some ladies have found the Push to be too stiff, but I found a smoking deal for $320 on the 09/10 model… so I’m somewhat tempted at the moment!)

    Thanks for the insights!

  29. craig
    December 15, 2010

    im 6’1″ 195 lbs, been riding for 10 years. im debating whether to buy a westmark 159 instead of a major brand name board. im usually running laps in the park. love to get in the trees for some freshies on deep pow days as well. any suggestions or comments about the westmark??? thnx

  30. December 24, 2010

    CB, Yep coda is now the mountain system which I’ve ridden with other models. It’s all mountain specific but some of the characteristics of the camber coda will still live on through it. The weight ranges are suggested but not set in stone. Even the smallest coda 153 you are fine for weight so there’s no need to go with a bigger board especially when you ride indoors. 161cm would be fine for your big mountain.

    CL, awesome to hear you like the new arbor boards! Yeah definitely time to upgrade to a new board! Push can be a stiff board depending on the female rider behind it. Eden is bit more intermediate/forgiving while Push is more aggressive, charging. B-pro is similiar to the push but with reverse camber while Push is camber. How much powder vs freeriding do you ride?

    Craig, Arbor makes solid boards and have heard good things on the Westmark but haven’t ridden it yet. Are you able to demo to try out?

  31. March 02, 2011

    Hi! I’m looking for information about Del Rey. I know it is a good choice for jumping, but will it be able to ride some pow and tress? I’m looking for a simple but versatile twin for all mountain riding, is it a good choice?

  32. March 06, 2011

    Qubek, I haven’t ridden the del rey to know for sure but camber true twin med soft. I’d see if there are reviews out there on the board. Coda I have ridden and it would handle all of those.