Union Bindings 2010-2011

05 Feb, 2010

Union has begun it’s sixth year of bringing bindings focused around rider driven performance, no bells & whistles just stellar looks that ride solid.  For 2010-2011, they have listened to riders wanting new toe straps with two new toe straps designed to grip the boot better.  The Flite, DLX and women’s cadet features the toe strap with the gap  and the Force MC, Force SL, Asadachi feature a new toe strap with a softer gripping area in the center.

If you happened to stop by the on-snow at Winter Park, they were the only binding I saw on the majority of boards being tested and when you stopped by the booth there were no Union bindings to be found.  I was lucky to ride two of the bindings because there were out being ridden most of the time.

Union Asadachi III

The Good Wood

Union Force SL

Union Force

Union Force Cyan

Union DLX

Red, White, Black

Union Contact

White/Red, Black/Orange, CMYK

Re-Union Data and Contact Pro

Union Contact Pro

Gigi Ruf

Re-Union Data Highback

Union DLX

Union Flite

Union Women’s Bindings

Trilogy’s, Milans, Cadets

Union Women’s Trilogy

Bamboo and White

Union Women’s Milan

Union Women’s Cadet

Snow leopard and leopard

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  1. John
    November 20, 2010

    I just bought the 10/11 Force MC’s. They look great from a far but the finish is horrible. They fit my 08/09 rome marshall boots perfect. I think I will rip these apart in the powder/trees, but sure hope not. They were $399 but i got them at a local shop on sale for 30% off. $300 doesnt hurt too bad… I will come back and let you guys know how these do. I am transitioning off of (i think) 04/05 ride team carbons which are freeking bulletproof and only one ladder strap is wearing…. I dont want make the very drastic change to all conposite materials and the lightest binding, but im drinking that cool aid right now. Ill report back after the holiday weekend when I will get to mini shred tahoe…

  2. lubbsdubbs
    December 15, 2010

    are the datas a pretty solid binding for hittin the big kickers and hitin the park too

  3. Whistler
    January 07, 2011

    I bought the Union Force MCs here in London December 2009. Went riding in backcountry in Zerrmatt, Chamonix, St. Anton, Verbier. The orange screws sheared and I lost toe straps and had to hike out. The UK rep for these bindings said the screws were part of a ‘bad batch’ and gave me three new screws. The screws continued to snap and I spent a lot of time running around snowboard shops in the alps looking for replacement parts. Two weeks ago the baseplate broke while on holiday in Austria and I had to borrow a pair of rental bindings for the duration of the holiday. This company gives it a lot of plausible sounding chat about making the best bindings and really paying attention to issues. I have written to them and have received no reply. They either do not care or are so poorly managed they cannot generate a response. These bindings are dangerous given the high failure rate of the screws and this product should be recalled.

  4. Adeodadus
    February 02, 2011

    Hey W: I had the same issue with the highback to heelcup Bolt : snapped at Mt Baker. But I had the binding for a two seasons without problem. I called and went to C3 (US dist) they were very helpful and sent me replacement bolts. I think they are having problem with these orange_mag bolts : they are out of replacement parts and they sent me steel bolts instead : on the wait list for future Fab or Mag bolts. Anyhow, if you are having problem with Europe Union Dist. call the US Union Dist.. I’m sure they will send you a bunch of steel bolts in the meanwhile.

    I really am sold on Force MC and will buy the 2012 ver. I do own C60s and have owned Flo/Cartels/P1s but F-MC’s are (to me) by far more versatile(my opinion)

  5. jdiddz
    January 18, 2012

    Hey I bought the MC’s early in the season and within the first morning of riding I snapped the heel cup clean… Wasnt a big drop or nothing just kind of an easy first day out for the season, that easy day resulted in a torn ACL and a broken set of 400 plus dollor bindings.. For the price of these and Union’s claim of being industructable, I think there shit.. Not only that I’ve been fighting with Union to get them replaced ever since… Beware of shit “”UNION”” Jdiddz