Beaver Creek’s Love for the Ladies Rail Jam 2010

28 Mar, 2010

The Love for the Ladies Rail Jam went off at Beaver Creek yesterday so I headed down from Steamboat to check it out.  It was also my first time to Beaver Creek which has been a must-go-to resort this year since my pass is good for a couple days there.  Luckily I knew Lauren was competing in the rail jam so it gave me an excuse to hit up the mountain.

Of all the rail jams this year, the Love for the Ladies had a really fun contest, as a team coed ski/snowboard competition it meant fun on the rails for a good cause and costumes that were hilarious!  Each team had 3 people (ski or snowboard) and had to have one lady in the competition.  The Love for the Ladies rail jam helps raise money for the Vail Breast Cancer awareness group so each team tried to get donations and paid to enter the contest which also supports breast cancer awareness.

Each team could drop in at one time on two lines of features or go for the same line of features.  It made for a very active watching contest but also hard to watch everything.

The upper features

The lower features

Billy Rodriquez from the Good, the bad and the ugly team

Ricky Rodriquez getting filmed on his run

Not sure what team this is but I loved seeing the butterfly wings help them fly onto rails.

One of the teams getting a frontflip in next to their team member

Felix the house cat team had a rad mini shred Flex that was throwing down each run

The Gnar Wars team was my personal favorite, they battled it out on the boxes true star wars style

Lauren from 720 Boardshop on the Cbox

The snuggies outfits were the first ones I saw at the competition and they definitely had the pink steeze down

The boxers wearing jibs 4 jugs shirts

Billy Rodriquez showing off his tail press skills

Lauren and Rachel with the Yoda from the Gnar Wars team

The announcing booth during the contest, keeping us occupied and laughing at the mid-way section

Enjoying a cold brew

After the rail jam ended, I took a run with the 720 Boardshop crew to get in some tree runs with some leftover snow.  It had snowed most of the morning so there were still some goods at Beaver Creek.  The end result was better than I expected with some fun powder turns in the aspens.  I switched up decks for this weekend and got on the 155 Roxy Eminence C2 BTX to try out.  It was my first time with C2 technology in powder and was able to enjoy it alot in the deeper stuff.

The last run of the day was with the Never Summer crew:  Gags, Sasso and Joey.  I ran into them at the contest and we were finally able to get a lap in together.

Gags’s getting it on the wallride

I ended the afternoon by heading down to the Dusty Boot for the afterparty and chill with some of the NS guys for drinks and food.  I ended up leaving before the winners were announced but Ricky said they didn’t win (though they did throw down).  Regardless it was a really fun day at the contest, meeting new people and being able to get in some shred time after the contest was over.  I hung out the rest of the evening in Vail with April and her friends since we’d be shredding Vail on Sunday.

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  1. March 28, 2010

    wow thank goodness I wasnt a judge as my Star Wars geekness would have made Gnar Wars team an unfair choice … love the small team style events with costumes always a hoot….

  2. 2 BUCK
    March 29, 2010

    Yeah Shay. I was just in Beaver and had a blast. It’s definitely a fun resort.