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22 Apr, 2010

The journey yesterday took longer than expected but it was packed full of fun stops along the way until I reached my final destination of Whistler, BC.  I arrived just in time to drop off my bags and pick up my friend Carrie before we headed to the Asymbol Exhibit and Opening Party.  The Asymobol exhibit unveiled featured work of Mike Parillo, Ari Marcopoulos, Jamie Lynn, Jeff Curtes, Scott Lenhardt, Danny Zapalac, Nick Russian, Tim Zimmerman, Adam Haynes, Matt French, Mike Blabac, Trent Mitchell and I AM Snowboarding.  It took the masterpieces of photographers and artists and created them into an art exhibit that snowboarders can relate to and share the stoke on.

The opening party was filled with many of the pro snowboarders gracing the images but also many riders that support the cause.  We arrived early which ensured us entrance into the gallery and time to check out each work before the place was packed which didn’t take long.

My favorite piece at the exhibit was The Pass by Ari Marcopoulos featuring Bryan Iguchi and Johan Olofsson on Teton Pass in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

The I AM Snowboarding pieces lining the walls at the Asymbol Exhibit and one of the reasons I wanted to attend the show is to finally see some of the pieces in person.  If you haven’t heard of I AM snowboarding, it’s a collaborative art project in honor of Jeff Anderson and all proceeds from sales go to the Jeff Anderson Memorial Fund.

Tim Zimmerman’s “Deserted Mountain” was popular all night

Matt French’s artwork of Jamie Lynn

The well-known “Blue Girl” artwork at the show by Jamie Lynn

Carrie and myself standing in front of a Tim Zimmerman piece.

Mike Parillo being interviewed in front of his work

Jamie Lynn and Pete Saari on hand at the Opening Party

Since we arrived early at the show, we spent the latter part of the party meeting people and talking since it was such a fun vibe at the event. During sushi at the party, Carrie and I met some of the guys from Mammoth who flew in to help lend support for the I am snowboarding show and later on, we ran into evo’s crew like Molly and Chris in town to check it out.  The best part for me was putting faces to names, I had been given Kevin Sansalone’s contact info to give him a call once I made it to town but I ended up running into him at the party and was able to meet him in person there.  I was able to spend time with Michelle Leroux who handles social media and public relations in Whistler and she introduced me to the Snowboard Canada editor Scott Birke.  It was an amazing night for meeting new people and a great way to start the Telus Festival and Grenade Games.

Evo employees in full force:  Chris and Molly

I had the opportunity of meeting Bryan Iguchi at the Transworld Headquarters in October but I wasn’t sure if he’d remember me so I re-introduced myself to him at the show and was able to talk with him more in person.  I check out his blog whenever he updates it and enjoy talking snowboarding with him.

Bryan Iguchi and myself

I’ve watched Annie Boulanger in some amazing snowboard films and I love to watch her snowboarding so seeing her tonight at the Asymbol show meant getting the nerve to approach her to introduce myself and ask for a photo.  She was a pleasure to meet in person and continues to push women’s snowboarding to ride and charge the mountain as hard as the men.

Snowboard Canada’s Scott and Whistler’s social media guru Michelle Leroux

Joaquin and Carrie

By 11pm we left the exhibit to head home and skip out on the afterparty.  I love Whistler for the party scene but also enjoy just relaxing some nights too.  Definitely today will be a busy day with snowboarding, Grenade Games Dual Slalom, apres action and then the pro photographer showdown for the Telus Festival.

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  1. Kate
    April 23, 2010

    Shay I am so jealous of your life. You’re my hero….

  2. April 26, 2010

    thanks for the photos!!! looks like it was a wonderful evening! I heart ASYMBOL

  3. April 27, 2010

    Kate, thanks 🙂 I just try to have fun and be happy. It’s been an amazing journey, I feel lucky every day that I get to experience this.

    Torrey, it was a really great evening and so glad I arrived for it. Such a cool showing, I hope the response was great!