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26 Apr, 2010

All it takes is an idea and the drive to create something which is what Dan Reid did when he started Casual Industrees with his brother Brendan in the late 1990’s.  From their Mt Baker days they went forth with a clothing company that was about the WA roots, they continue to be a multi-hundred company with their homegrown roots and local designs.  Their softgoods continue to be a favorite of mine, from their Wa Brah outline to their chairlift that graces the shirts; they signify exactly what I miss about the northwest which is that it’s all about representing your roots.

Located at Dan’s house in West Seattle, the Casual Industrees headquarters aren’t your typical snowboard office..I figured that out when Dan opened the door in his bathrobe.  However just below in the basement and garage lives a company that focuses on softgoods with a northwest touch to it.

Last week Dan was my tour guide through the Casual headquarters which required showing off his workspace like the kitchen/break room.  He did change out of the bathrobe for the tour but I missed getting a shot of him in it.

Sometimes all it takes to start a snowboard company is the garage; a location to get your start in.  Casual Industrees still has that garage where the screen prints are done and shirts are made.  They get stamped with the tag on each shirt, here’s one that casually displays made in garage.

Checking out the screen printed tag action.

Screen printing off in the garage, today was a quiet day with most of the products ready for shipment

Inside the house and down the stairs is where all the magic happens for Casual Industrees.  Kristen is hanging out on the stairs seeing what the guys are up to, whether it’s updating the Brahg Blog or getting orders from the website out for the day…the basement keeps busy getting the Casual name out.

The basement houses all the work places for each person in an open environment, no cubicles here or your own private office space.  Even Dan sits in an open desk where he can watch the work go down.

Dan at his desk, I had just informed him he made the Tackledbox blog and had the better picture of the two of us.  He’s checking it out to see what was mentioned.

Down in the basement there is a side room with the product for spring 2010 on showcase, hanging up and looking pretty.

But the majority of the products are sized and organized into boxes waiting to be pulled out.  I ended up walking away with a new shirt and hoodie with my favorite chairlift logo they do.

Packing and getting orders out from the online website

A Casual Industrees file cabinet getting the collection of logos and representation on it

Vinny the dog checking in on the shipments going out soon

Huge thanks to Dan for showing me around and it was a fun stop to see where my favorite shirts get designed and created.  Definitely check out Casual Industrees if you haven’t yet.

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  1. April 26, 2010

    Good Northwest peeps here.

  2. sketchy c
    April 26, 2010


    Did you, or did you not, start this website in marketing and media?

    p.s. totally furious that you didnt pick PHun boards…. i mean oops? c’mon

  3. April 27, 2010

    casual is the real deal.

  4. April 27, 2010

    Sketchy, nope never went to CMC. I know sorry on phun!

  5. April 29, 2010

    awwww dope! awesome garage set up! I cant think of how many times I have seen your WA stickers (the WA logo is SICK btw!) without knowing there even was a casual industrees! I just started screen printing because I decided I have WAY to many cash outflows and my single cash inflow from my job just isn’t cutting it.

    Dan- How did all this get started? You and your bro decided to start a clothing company then….? How has your screen printing evolved since you started (what did you start with? That 6 screen press device looks awesome btw)? How did you guys spread the word and actually start making sales? I have so many more questions but I don’t even know what to ask because my screen printing/clothing knowledge is still in its infancy 😉

    Any advice for a guy who is JUST starting out? I’ve been hand painting my screens (3 as of 1am last night) so far but since the one I finished last night, ive decided to go to emulsion… do you reuse your screens? or just have a huge collection from all your designs?

    ***Just spent the 45 minutes looking at 3 years of your blog posts. your designs are super legit & matisyahu hearts WA <-awesome!

  6. May 10, 2010

    Hey I am opening up a core shop and I am seriously interested in carrying Casual Industries- tried contacting them through the site and it didn’t work, can someone please get back to me. Hit me up at