13th Annual Pipe to Pipe at Windells Camp

10 Jul, 2010

Usually when Pipe to Pipe comes to Mt Hood, Oregon I’m sitting in Colorado working and watching the updates from the contest wishing I could be there just to enjoy the summer shred.  But this year, I was there bright and early to watch from registration, each riders runs on snow and skate until the winners were announced.  It was the best way to see the event go down and I enjoyed the view from the side of the pipe all day long.

Registration begins at the base of Timberline with riders lining up to compete as am or pro.

Jenni with Rian from Bonfire checking in riders and keeping busy all day long

The Pipe to Pipe was held at Windells Camp which was open to the public for the event, it gave everyone a chance to see inside the park that is normally closed to public.  As soon as the gate to the park was open this morning, all the skiers and riders waiting charged down into camp.

The morning started off with practice runs so that the riders could get familiar with the pipe setup.  The pipe to pipe this year was a setup in the mini pipe with a quarterpipe at the bottom and various rails/boxes/objects along the walls and decks.

The judges booth where they remained seriously funny during the day

The bbq was on all day long to keep those watching and competing fed full of yumness.

Brandon Cocard didn’t compete but he rallied through the pipe like he should have

Omatic’s Matty Mo coming up close for a tailblock

This rider killed the up barrel into the pipe

Double action in the pipe and quarterpipe

My personal favorite to watch was Banger (Scott Hoffman) from the Windells staff.

Mackenzie from Windells staff ended up competing and taking home the women’s first place!  Stoked to have watched her all day and cheer her on.

Brandon Hobush taking home the win with his Thirty Two snowboard

Austin Hironaka almost skipped the finals (even though he made it) but came back to the snow to compete with his big tweaked out grabs

I won’t lie the Pipe to Pipe had some good fall action going on during the whole event including this one caught on camera…can you say chiropractor visit?

The mini shreds were out and showing off their skills during the event

The log jib brought out the smiles

Colin Tucker showing his skills above and below the log stall

After the snow portion was completed, it was already 3pm and time to head down the mountain to the campus where the skate portion would begin after dinner.  Definitely a fun day on the mountain but also super busy.  It was rad to run into the Bonfire crew Rian and Brad, Liam from ESPN snowboarding, meet Adam at Transworld and the Yobeat funfest of Brooke and Nick.  Seriously stoked I’m out at Hood for events like this!

Almost time for the skate sesh to begin but until then it was a packed house at Windells in the concrete jungle.

Kratzer sliding it dogtown

Girls skate win went to Kristin who seriously killed the whole park and it was hard to not watch her the whole time

The 15 and under kids division skating around the concrete jungle

This unknown kid captured all of our attentions for a skate trick to flat that he tried all during the session.  He almost had it and everyone was stoked for him.

Skate AM 2nd place went to Never Summer Rider Billy Rodriguez

Skate winner Willis captured everyone on the quarterpipe

As nightfall was coming quickly it was time to announce the winners and give out free swag to those left standing in the audience.  It was really rad to see a lot of staff compete in the Pipe to Pipe and stoked to see some friends win!

Here’s the full list of winners that Transworld posted up.

Snow Girls
1st:  Mackenzie Matters
2md:  Laura Rogoski
3rd:  Madison Blackley
Man Ams
1st:  Frank Krab
2nd:  Chris Cloud
3rd:  Oliver Dixon
Mens Pro
1st:  Brandon Hobush
2nd:  Everest Arnold
3rd:  Sawyer Dean
Girls Skate
1st: Kristin Ebeling
2nd:  Charlotte Rhodes
3rd:  Jessie Haungs
Under 15
1st:  Jake Selover
2nd:  Kent Callister
3rd:  Travis Darling
Over 15
1st:  Chris Anderson
2nd:  Billy Rodriguez
3rd:  Sam Mercer
Pro Skate
1st:  Willis Kimbel
2nd:  Mason Merlino
3rd:  Rion Lindermon
Best Trick
Rion Lindermon—legit McTwists on the vert wall.

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  1. July 12, 2010

    Hey Shay, that mini shred is Red Gerard. Yes a 720 team kid!!!