Windells session 4 begins!

06 Jul, 2010

It’s another arrival day at Windells Snowboard Camp as session 4 began today with another batch of campers, fun times and warm weather!  Now that I’ve gotten used to the camp schedule, you know what’s expected and arrival day is just helping out and having fun!

It was a really relaxing 4th of July weekend so coming back to camp felt really good and I definitely missed the people I’ve met here that I get to spend all summer with.

Brandon Cocard refreshing himself from skateboarding with gatorade

Head Coach Danger Dave getting everything dialed in the office before campers arrive

During some downtime in the afternoon, Izzy and I headed to the beach along the river to relax, refresh and get ready for the evenings activities.  It’s been fun trying to get tan everywhere but my lower face

Got some sweet rides in the parking lot!

In the evening it was time to head into dinner in the dining hall and tonight was good old pasta night

To welcome everyone to camp we have orientation in BOB our indoor skate park at Windells.  It’s the perfect time to throw out tons of swag and get kids stoked on the camp session plus meet the coaches and pros coming to town.

I recently had to buy a new camera to be my main camera on the mountain and around camp, tiny little point and shoot that does the panorama photos sooo smoothe.  I was playing with it tonight and tried to capture the ski group sitting around the mini vert in BOB.

MFM is in town with the Technine team this session and he threw out a bunch of frees stuff for the kids

Snowboard Coach Moss Halladay hanging out

Windells Snowboard Coaches lined up to meet their campers that they’ll be coaching.

L-R:  Paul, Ricky, Cody, Brandon, Austin, Yudo

Ski Coach Ashley meeting her ski campers (everyone is stoked!)

The evening light hitting the concrete jungle and Chas Guldemond ready to drop in

After everything ended it was time to head back to the Windells Academy house where I’m currently living.  Tomorrow is the first on-snow day and stoked to be back on-snow after a bunch of days off-snow.  The fun part is the downtime between sessions is rad, I really like having a break and still loving being out here all the time!

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