Mammoth Grand Prix: Halfpipe Finals

05 Mar, 2011

While the slopestyle finals were fun to watch yesterday, the pipe finals at the US Snowboarding Grand Prix were definitely the popular choice to watch and be a part of.  I started the day catching up with Cope from Neff, Tricia Byrnes and Stacey and John from Fuel TV before making my way up to the pipe to watch the action on the deck.

While standing at the top I noticed the “I ride for Kevin” sticker.  Kevin wasn’t on scene at this Grand Prix but when it comes to pipe riding, he won’t be forgotten and the seriousness is always there.

First up was the women’s pipe final runs with it narrowed down to eight women including top riders Kelly Clark and Gretchen Bleiler.  I got a spot next to the fence and sat down to watch the women hit the slopes.

Watching Kelly Clark ride in person is amazing and I’d love to see her compete against the boys because she goes so much higher than the other women.  She’s taking women’s pipe and pushing it to that next level.

Gretchen Bleiler’s crippler

Kelly Clark going big out of the pipe

After the women it was time for the men’s pipe runs who despite some winds had no problem getting amplitude in the pipe.

Trevor Jacob holding it down (he was in second for quite a bit but ended up in fourth at the end)

Yesterday I watched Spencer Shaw take home 2nd place in slopestyle and today he competed in halfpipe.

Greg Bretz taking home 2nd place

A huge shoutout to Louie for being such a great guy.  My grandma became a huge fan of Louie when he was on Dancing with the Stars and we’ve talked for a while about getting him to sign something for her.  He was nice enough today to take time out to do it and I can’t wait to frame it and send it her way.

Louie Vito took home 3rd place on his last run and overall winner of the Grand Prix series

Zach Black

Matt Ladley came out on top with his first run of the day and his second run was a victory lap. I caught this shot on his victory lap

The Mammoth Grand Prix Halfpipe Women’s Winners:

1st Place: Kelly Clark

2nd Place:  Gretchen Bleiler

3rd Place:  Sarah Conrad

The Mammoth Grand Prix Halfpipe Men’s Winners:

1st Place:  Matt Ladley

2nd Place:  Greg Bretz

3rd Place:  Louie Vito

For the Grand Prix overall winners, Louie Vito and Kelly Clark were awarded the green jackets for their overall wins this year.

After the contest was done, I headed towards the announcer area to find Mark Sullivan who was in town to announce the contest and say hi to him.  I ended up catching Mark with Mike Jankowski, US snowboarding halfpipe head coach, for beer time.

Mark and I ending the day with a photo.  Tailgate Alaska is coming up and definitely the spot to be!  Unfortunately I won’t be there but hoping for next year.

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  1. Alex
    March 05, 2011

    Hey, Shay is Louie on Omatic still? I also heard from one of my shop buddies that Omatic is going under. Any word on what’s happening with Omatic?

  2. SZ
    March 07, 2011

    Great contest! I just happened to be in town to see this go down. Kelly Clarks victory lap blew me away and the guys just send it everytime. This was my 1st live experience and I can say its so much different in person than on TV. TV doesn’t do these riders justice by any means. Makes me realize how crap I am compared to the worst pro rider there. They would own me.

  3. March 08, 2011


    I asked Louie and he’s riding his own board right now. It’s a blank topsheet and LV on the base. Omatic is going through a rough time, talked to Trichards today and hope they’ll get through it.

    In Spy’s photo you can see the base with the LV on it.!/photo.php?fbid=10150106788679716&set=pu.258426329715&theater