The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012

01 Jan, 2012

Happy New Year!

Things don’t quite always go as planned. That was definitely true for 2011. For 2012, I’m hoping for the best and optimistic for the future. Last year I found a new passion with mountain biking and I kept writing on this amazing snowboard blog. 2012 brings the unknown but change can mean new travels, new friends and new experiences. So long 2011, hello 2012!

To sum up 2010 for the blog, here’s the info:

  • Site traffic: surpassed 3 million visitors in 2011 (2 million visitors in 2010 and 1 million in 2009) since I began the blog.   In 2011, received 1,278,389 page loads, 749,502 unique visitors, and 161,215 returning visitors.  An increase in page loads, unique and returning visitors.
  • In 2011, reached 182 countries around the world.
  • The most popular content in 2011 was reviews, features and product information from SIA.  The top companies for traffic were Union, Bataleon, Forum, Oakley, Burton, Capita (in that order).
  • Thanks to advertisers who help support so I can give out free stickers, travel for the site, pay for the site and do the weekly giveaways.

Here are some of my personal favorite posts from this season.

What’s in store for 2012?

  • More reviews! It’s been a slow start but more reviews are on the way. The Burton demo tour is coming up and I’ll be reviewing a bunch of gear you requested!
  • Traveling! Yep packing up and hitting the road to the unknown pretty soon.
  • SIA 2012! will be there to check out, write and take photos of the latest upcoming gear.
  • Lots to figure out! might go through a re-design but just starting to think about it. If anyone has any awesome design experience, I’d love to talk.

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From the beginning of time, I was Shannon. From the beginning of snowboarding, I was Shay. From the beginning of online communities, I was Shayboarder. In the end, I’m the writer, photographer, editor, publisher, guru of sorts, product tester, curvy girl, and most importantly the snowboarder behind it all. Follow me on this journey through snowboarding, mountain biking, traveling and fun experiences!

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  1. January 01, 2012

    SIA 2012?

    Congrats on everything!

  2. January 01, 2012

    Andrew, fixed! Meant 2012 but put 2011.

  3. phil
    January 01, 2012

    well there’s now snow so you don’t have any excuses to not go biking. my buddy just got back from mammoth and said the trails were sick.