Mammoth + Eddie Wall Ride 5/6/11

07 May, 2011

West Coast Invitational has finally arrived in Mammoth.  This weekend has everything from concerts and parties to pros and jibs.  Today started out with the Eddie Wall Ride contest right out in front of Main Lodge.  It’s the second year of the wall ride contest and Eddie Wall was on hand to play around on the features but also judge a winner.  Scott Vine took home the win for the day.

The scene at Main Lodge was everything Mammoth – sun, snow, pros and tons of fun.  The riding was slushy and from the lift or the sun deck you could watch the action as riders made their way down a course of wall rides.  I watched mostly from the bottom where I could watch the two biggest wall rides get hit.  From the chairlift, this one looked clear but up close you saw the chain fence.

Handplant on the wall

An impressive number of riders went high on the chain fence wall ride

The Wall family was in full force on the mountain.  I first met Eddie Wall Sr at Windells a couple years ago and now get to see him once a year.  It was the first time to meet the rest of the family and it was amazing to hear that they have framed pictures I took of Eddie Wall Sr and Eddie Wall riding.  I’m honored my pictures are framed.

Elaine and Eddie Wall Sr, proud parents!

Trevor Jacob boardsliding the top of the wall ride

Riders waiting to drop in and one stalling on the tube

Basher, Jamie Lynn and Nate on deck

Johnny Lazz going for hangtime on the wall ride

No need to play on the wall ride, there’s a wall of snow you can jib too

DJ Slipmatt and Dee Dee

After watching the Eddie Wall Ride contest for a bit, we headed out for park laps through Forest Trail.  It was a blast having Eddie Wall Sr join our crew of girls through the park.

Eddie Wall Sr getting ready for methods at Windells Camp this summer

Brad Farmer is a man of many talents.  He was lapping with the Arbor crew.

Ashley started jumping this year and is now working on her grabs

What a day!  It was hard to go back into work but definitely such a fun event to be able to check out.  Can’t wait for Saturday’s evening rail jam!

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