A visit to Red Bull

11 Jul, 2011

Red Bull needs no introduction; the energy drink company makes the most popular energy drink in the world with 4 billion cans sold each year, their name and logo is recognizable and they are one of the biggest non-endemic companies to promote action sports.  Their promotion of a fun and active lifestyle is linked harmoniously to winter sports and action sports.  It’s quite common to see Red Bull sponsor many of the biggest events, names and movies in snowboarding.

The Red Bull North America office is located in Santa Monica, California but you’d never know just by driving by.  The big brick office building is silent from the outside with any identifying Red Bull logos/titles and you enter through a security gate to gain access into the company.

Closer to the building, you get a sneak peak that you’ve arrived at Red Bull and security greets you pleasantly.  We talked with Security upon arriving and found that they enjoy drinking Red Bull but also that it’s a great place to work.  Inside we introduced ourselves and while waiting, were told to grab a Red Bull to start the day.

Our friend Pat Stahl set up the tour with with Raechel Ball, Marketing Resident at Red Bull North America.  Rachel handles PR, communications and Marketing work so it was a pleasure to meet her.

As a Red Bull lover myself, being at Red Bull was overwhelming due to the amount of Red Bull present and in fridges around the office.  They were stocked to your hearts content with every type they produce.  I drank one during the tour and ended up with a case to bring home.

The hallways and offices were all lit up, decorated with the many adventures of Red Bull lining the walls and a remarkable amount of fridges for your enjoyment.  If you love Red Bull, working here would be a dream come true.

There was one familiar face at Red Bull, Ryan Runke, who I met during his time at Rome Snowboards.  Just last year he joined the ranks as the athlete marketing manager.  One of the perks of his job is handling the upcoming Art of Flight film which will be amazing to watch when it’s released this fall.  It was great to catch up and discuss snowboarding.  He’s quite the character and Red Bull looks good on him.

Most offices are grouped up into teams.  This was Rachel’s office with the Marketing/PR team.

Have you watched a Red Bull video?  Almost 200,000 subscribers and 3 million channel views are just the beginning of what the brand has done with videos.  These guys are behind the youtube videos, handling what goes on and making the magic happen.  In other parts of the office were the editing rooms for creating the massive amount of videos from the sports they have their hand in.

The Red Bull F1 Race Car was in the office

Towards the rear of the building is the private movie room where Red Bull can do interview interviews, showcase movies and premiere upcoming films/videos from the company.  It’s pretty rad to step inside a movie theatre inside a company.

No reason to leave the office when you have a full gym at your disposal plus workouts if you want to try yoga with co-workers.

Inside the media room where employees could come and play the latest games/watch videos and just enjoy their own system at work.

The work place cafeteria at Red Bull with a full kitchen, in the ground seating with widescreen TV’s and a pool table.

Full bar of Red Bull – what would you like?

A huge thanks to Raechel and Pat for hooking up the tour.  Red Bull was my first non-endemic visit on this blog and I think it’s such a interconnected brand in snowboarding that it’d be rad to write about it.

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