Inside Spy Optic

27 Jul, 2011

“It’s not seeing different things, it’s seeing the same things differently” – that simple thought helped define Spy Optics.  In 1994, a group of action sports and motorsports enthusiasts wanted to make sunglasses better and Spy Optics was born to fulfill that demand.  Now you can live through their lens to fulfill your passion whether it’s sport, art, music, design, fashion or lifestyle.  Over the years, they’ve taken many routes but now the focus remains on the Spy brand and continuing what they started.

The Spy Global Headquarters in Carlsbad are located in a business center just minutes from the ocean spray and scenic beaches.  From outside, the Spy vans line the parking lot and wet suits are seen drying in the sunshine.  A huge thanks to Spy’s Regional Sales Manager Charlie Ninegar who invited us down and gave us the tour.

I arrived at Spy just after 2pm when most of the office was ending early for the weekend.  Since the new management took over, Friday’s end at 2pm just in time to start the weekend early and enjoy the California sunshine.  The entryway featured sunglass and goggle cases with all the models that Spy creates.

The product designers were finishing up a meeting when we arrived.  Goggle PLM Brent Sandor was one of my 2010 Industry Profile Interviews and shared his story behind designing goggles for Spy.

The So-Cal scene is present in the Spy offices.  Surfboards waited patiently against desks

In the creative art visual room, there was still lots of work to be finished before the weekend arrived.

Ever wonder how the catalog/website images don’t show a reflection in the lens?  Here’s the secret to how Spy does it.  Pretty cool when you look down from the top and there’s nothing on the lenses.

The Spy Global Headquarters is also the US distributor for Spy so just behind the offices is the warehouse with all the goggles and sunglasses that make their way around the US.

During our visit, there was a birthday in the office and toilet paper lined the desk for a surprise when they came back on Monday.

A huge thanks to Charlie and Valerie at Spy for always being so awesome to!

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  1. Martin Beran
    July 27, 2011

    Friday ends at 2pm?? Ohh how great that sounds! The whole proximity to the beach is nice too!

  2. paul
    August 11, 2011

    do you know if the sunglasses were still forsale in the main lobby area?? i know they used to be and recently lost my pair and want to get another but dont wanna seem all weird going into their wanting to purchase them