Goggle Review: Anon Solace

24 Aug, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Anon Solace goggles features comfort and style in a small frame for women.

Location: I rode these goggles during day two of the SIA on-snow at Winter Park, CO.

Conditions: The conditions were brutal for temperatures.  My own Smith goggles had frozen up from moisture on the lens so I borrowed the Solace’s and ended up riding them all day in the sunny to overcast conditions with freezing cold (up to -20) temperatures.

Color: I demoed the Solace goggles in the seismic frame which is a deeper pink/almost purple color with varying colors throughout the frame.  The strap features a pink line pattern with a purple backdrop of color.  The Anon is in blue and where the strap connects to the frame is more blue.  It’s definitely a girlie color option but without the flowers.

Lens: I rode the Solace’s in the blue solex lens.  It blocked the sunlight and was great visibility in the sunshine but also during the shady spots while riding, I was able to see the snow changes.

Fit: I liked that the Solace’s were a smaller frame for women, it was comfortable on my face and snug with the RED helmet.  The nose foam was comfortable but not the most fitting to my nose.  I ended up riding with a facemask most of the day to stop any air from getting into the goggle.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore the Anon Solace with the RED Hi-Fi helmet which worked together very well.

Visibility: The goggle wasn’t that impressive for peripheral vision.  I thought this is where it needed the most improvement in the design.  Even when I looked straight ahead, I couldn’t see the full 180 degrees from left to right.

Features: The Anon Solace goggle features a small frame built for women with plush fit face foam, a density foam that utilizing moisture wicking fleece that seals the goggle to face fit.  Anon goggles utilize a auto adjust hinge strap to guarantee the best helmet compatibility.  The full channel venting offers a full perimeter venting to ensure maximum airflow with fog-free vision.  On the lens, Anon uses shield technology with an anti-scratch resistant coating and has 100% UV protection.  I liked the face foam that they used, it was comfortable and blocked out moisture which was much needed on the review day.  The lens was in great shape and good visibility for cold temperatures without having to worry about them fogging up.

Durability: I didn’t really get a chance to test out the durability on the Solace since I only rode them for one day and didn’t have any encounters with trees, falls or anything that would have really tested them.  I’d definitely like to try them over a longer period of time to get a better feel for them.

Thoughts: The Anon Solace goggles offered up a working goggle for women on the mountain.  It’s simple in design and comfort but sometimes the basics are exactly what you need.  The peripheral visibility isn’t as big as other goggles but the  goggle makes up for it with a good visibility through the lens during riding.  I enjoyed the goggle for what it was, a good smaller fitting frame that endured some cold cold cold conditions.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo to shop their full line of 2011 Anon goggles because 2012 is around the corner.

On-snow photos
Anon Solace Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this goggle at the SIA on-snow.

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  1. October 14, 2012

    I have read several of your reviews for different products in the last month and appreciate your attention to detail, your constructive criticism and professional wording (lack of profanity). I run a club of young riders with 50+ members, and I confidently can reccommend your site for information. Thanks for being there and doing what you do. Ride on!