San Francisco Downtown Throwdown

29 Oct, 2011

It all started in Seattle and from there it took off. The Downtown Throwdown has been about urban jibbing from the beginning, bringing the snow to people in the cities who might have ever seen anything like it. Over the past couple years Snowboy Productions has grown the contest into the big event it is today. This year they expanded the contest bringing on San Francisco to the mix. For the first time, myself and many others were able to watch the event with an amazing line-up of 25 fun snowboarders throwing down.

Right in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling streets, the Downtown Throwdown came to the Civic Center. It was remarkable to see the mix of shred bums meets city bums, weekend enthusiasts meets core riders. The backdrop was amazing, City Hall, the Public Library, architectural beauty now next to an urban snow park made in 24 hours.

Surrounding the setup were tons of sponsor tents with an assortment of people (some I’m sure have never snowboarded) who collected stickers, beverages and whatever they could get.

Snowboy Productions Krush with the Quiksilver/Lib Tech crew

To start the ceremony, Chinese dragon dancers came out to bless the contest and put on quite a show.

From the beginning it was quite clear who stood out from the pack. It was probably the fact you couldn’t miss his costume during each run and the hilariousness behind his riding. Dylan Alito stomped practically every trick in the book, donned a Halloween costume and put on such good riding, he won the 5k first place prize!

Dylan in full Halloween effect

And delivering his skills on the features

Andrew Brewer came, conquered and destroyed. He ended up with the destroyer award at the end of the day.

Decked out in a Alcatraz uniform, Brandon Hobush had Halloween spirit and came in 5th.

Go hard or go home. Stefan Krum had no problem getting extreme, constant flips, crashes, spins, attacking the rails literally.

Snowboy Productions is NW brand through and through…so the method has to be thrown in tribute. Ryan Paul had no problem showing his skills, killer hair and his adaptability to ride anything.

All eyes, statues and buildings on Nick Visconti who came in 2nd for the contest.

It’s never to early to breed a snowboarder – Leland and his little one rocking shred style while watching the contest

Zach Hale knows his way around park setups.

Sean Black on the Snowboy wall ride with the judges getting first glimpse

There were a couple breaks throughout the day to fix the quickly melting snow and enjoy the few shady spots around the contest

The Judging booth had the best view of the action.

Abe from GoPro was on hand to capture all the action – so looking forward to his edit!

The Nick Visconti talent for one-footed tricks came out on the wall ride

Jesse Burtner, Sean Genovese and Preston Stout discussing the winners before the final announcement

Dylan Alito getting crazy when he found out he won the big prize

The winners of the San Francisco Downtown Throwdown!

1. Dylan Alito 2. Nick Visconti 3. Dylan Thompson 4. Ryan Paul 5. Brandon Hobush

Destroyer: Andrew Brewer  Dinner for Two: Chris Brewster

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  1. anthony
    October 30, 2011

    sick day out in SF. thanks for coming out! it was awesome watching all the backside lips and jibs all round the setup yesterday! thanks for the free shirts from vans and stickers from lib tech! hope you’ll be back soon!