Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom Finals 2/12/12

13 Feb, 2012

The Legendary Banked Slalom brings out the best in snowboarding. Sure it’s a race with times and competitive streaks and bets but it also brings snowboarding together as a family. The best riders in snowboarding come to be part of this weekend because it is about snowboarding. There are no tv cameras, no commercials and it’s a humbling race that breeds support and cheers. Riders from around the world, from pipe to park to freeriders try for a roll of duct tape and the chance to ride their best on the same course as legends.

We rolled up to the Mt Baker parking lot just as the first races were getting underway and Shuksan was peeking out from the clouds. Throughout the day, it was a mix of clouds, snowing and visibility but the races went on and definitely chewed some riders up in the process.

The gathering at the top of the course

One of the most impressive riders was Josh Dirksen. You just had to watch in awe how easily he made the course look, every movement, every turn was smooth and flowing through the winding rugged course. It was amazing to watch him ride and I thought his style was the best of anyone on the course.

The starting hut definitely puts you in your place. Gorio getting ready to head in and start his final runs.

Gorio ended up pulling out a first place finish on his first run of the finals.

Say your prayers in the starting hut at LBS. Johan getting ready to drop in

Johan on the course hoping to make Milo proud

Laura Hadar repping Fried Rat

Pete Saari showing off the snacks at the top of the course

Props to the Mt Baker staff who put on the event and also the amazing cooks who made the top of the course delicious meals.

At the top of the course, I ended up standing next to Terje to watch the riders. After meeting him the night before, I wanted to get a photo. So here’s Terje and I at the Banked Slalom.

Ladies who rip! Hana Beaman and Kimmy Fasani at the top of the course

The women could hold their own at Mt Baker. Pro Snowboarder Hana Beaman speeding through the course.

Terje carving down the course halfway through. He had the best time of the day with 1:25:66

Tim Zimmerman on hand to get all the shots

A couple years ago I met Dustin Anderson at the Holy Oly or rather watched him ride at the Holy Oly and met him later. He’s the sweetest guy and the hardest riding rep I’ve seen hit the slopes. He also took to the course, charging on a board that others would take out on a pow day but Dustin could pull it off and rally the course regardless of the board beneath him.

I made my way down to the bottom of the course to see the pro men end their run and watched Danny Davis come charging in to the bottom.

Big names and up and comers representing Jackson at the Banked Slalom

At the base of the mountain you could demo the next year’s gear in the sponsor village. I would have loved to try out more 2013 gear but I was stoked to be on the course and riding after demoing the last couple weeks.

JF Pelchat was on hand with NOW bindings and DCP from YES Snowboards.

At the end of the day my feet were swimming in my boots but that didn’t stop me from taking a couple laps with Gags and Mike. We ended up going through the creek gulley which was the most fun I had all day riding, the banked walls and fast riding was a blast.

When the mountain closed, it was awards time in the base lodge. I stood around with friends to get photos, cheer on the winners and hope my friends won. By the time the awards ended, I couldn’t believe how many familiar faces took home duct tape. The highlight of the night was the award for Kevin Pearce and the standing round of applause for him. Snowboarding is such a close knit family and to see the support for him to be here with us is amazing. I was really happy for Blue who took home a award but also the whole Capita family who grabbed a lot of top podium finishes on Capita boards.

WINNERS • 2012 Legendary Banked Slalom – Full List here

Pro Men: Terje Haakonsen
Pro Women: Maelle Ricker
Pro Masters: Mark Fawcett
Pro Women Masters: Barrett Christy
Next Generation: Milo Malkoski
Juniors: Jacob Krugmire
Younger Amateurs: Ryan Roemer
Women Amateurs: Danielle Davis
Older Amateurs: Nate Kewin
Masters Adam Haynes
Mid Masters: Gorio Bustamante
Grand Masters: Randy Haugen

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  1. Francis
    February 13, 2012

    wow Maelle Ricker and Terje Haakonsen… that is really good 😉 Very happy for Olympian Mme Ricker she is hot 😉 and bravo to all others for sure…