Flow Tailgate BC Day 3

11 Mar, 2012

Sometimes there are much needed down days, that was day 4 at Tailgate BC. The weather was stormy at basecamp and a bit of writing was calling my name. Plus it gave me the chance to really meet, greet and hang out for the afternoon/evening. I’m still pretty sore from snowmobiling so a down day is a good choice so I can feel great for tomorrow’s heli time with Eagle Pass Heliskiing.

One of the most remarkable things about Tailgate BC is how many people you are meeting and getting to know. There’s a really fun group that attends events like this and you end up getting to know them pretty well. I’ve been lucky to room with Natalie Langmann during the visit and it’s been great hearing her stories about writing in the industry.

The weather meant being out in the elements at the Tailgate BC and creating bonding moments with a bit of axe throwing, beer drinking and ping pong. It was a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon while waiting for others to get off the mountain.

Ping Pong in progress!

Hanging out having a good time – That’s what Tailgate BC brings

Axe throwing is a really fun downtime game for the mountains

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