Slash Snowboards 2013-2014

11 Feb, 2013

Rider designed and driven, Slash Snowboards made their mark last year at SIA and has expanded into year two with their 13-14 snowboard line. Gigi Ruf says “from early on in my pro career I have always had an interest and fortunately an opportunity to design the boards I rode. From the artwork to the technologies and construction techniques, the very essence of my boards has been about creating a medium that expresses personality.”

Slash features camber on the ATV, camrock  on the Happy Place, zero camber on the Paxson, Backseat Camber on the Straight and Kickstand on the Straight, Paxson, ATV and Happy Place. New Slash ingredients this year include: landing strip, sweet spot, buried treasure, snap crackle pop and forever wood. Snap crackle pop is a core made out of alternating poplar and beech stringers with give it strength and liveliness.  Landing Strip is a straight 2 strips of kevlar and carbon placed from the tail to the inserts and from the nose to the tip of the inserts. Sweet spot is a 2 cross shaped carbon fibers placed from the contact point of the nose and tail to the middle of the inserts. Buried treasure is the ultimate combination of carbon, kevlar and basalt fibers. Forever wood combines four different lightweight wood species and reactive flex is a composition of two unique fiberglass layouts in combination with our new lightweight wood cores.

Slash Happy Place

Slash Snowboards analyzed newest market research surveys to create with our creative creation department this sick graphic making this the Slash product you really want! A twin shape, twin flex board with centered stance setup. It’s got camber under foot and rocker rise towards the nose and tail. This forgiving camrock combined with the board’s new snap-crackle-pop woodcore gives you every advantage from consistent ollie power to landing flip tricks. Stiffness: 3.

Sizes: 149, 152, 154, 156, 158

Slash Paxson

Johnnie worked hard in hand with Noah Butkus on his pro model artwork. Creating a graphic that emcompasses his very own story. He specifically selected our newly designed snap-crackle-pop woodcore for it’s strength and liveliness. We topped it off by adding our sweetspot carbons from the tips to the middle of the inserts to let him pop the highest ollie with ease. His deck also features reactive flex allowing the board to flex edge to edge. If Johnnie jumps boardslide onto a rail, the board automatically creatives a skateboard like concave that lifts the edges a bit to keep it from hooking up. Flex:4.

Sizes: 149, 152, 154, 156, 158

Slash Straight

This straight takes a holistically directional concept to new heights. With backseat camrock combined with a slightly stiffer tail and a setback stance, this freeride board delivers the goods. Our newly added landing strip fiber is placed from the tips to the inserts, reducing high velocity chatter while our new forever wood core makes this board incredibly light. The ultimate traction bump in the center of the sidecut, which slash uses in every board, promotes edge-hold especially in sketchy spots. Flex:6.

Sizes: 156, 159, 161, 163

Slash ATV

A directional twin board with full camber for full control. This is the original board I shaped as my pro model with the vision of creating a powerful, lightweight and reactive ride. Shape-wise I’ve taken a minimalistic yet fun approach with a re-curve on the nose and tail, which saves material and weight but also stands up with our tipping over like rounded boards can do. By combining our vision with some serious testing we created the all new forever wood core. Clearly this board is treated very special using nothing but the best materials around in a unique but functional shape that will take you anywhere you want to go. Flex: 6.

Sizes: 154, 156, 158, 161, 165W

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