A Weekend in Wyoming

16 Aug, 2013

When it came time to pick a location for a weekend getaway with my mom, Wyoming was a big contender with the abundance of parks, activities, rest, relaxation and breathtaking scenery. We started our journey to Wyoming on Thursday, taking our time with stops and staying overnight just a couple hours away from our final destination.

On Friday’s drive, we finally were rewarded with the views of the Grand Tetons as we made our way closer. The peaks are truly breathtaking. We made our way into Grand Teton National Park where we’d be staying for the weekend. As much as this trip was about getting away, it was more about spending time with my mom during my time of need.

Mother and Daughter on a Wyoming journey

Upon arrival, we checked into Jackson Lake Lodge where we’d be staying for the weekend. I was able to use my employee lodging rate for the weekend so we stayed in a cottage with easy access into the park. It was quite the popular location with a variety of people from around the world. You could sit on a couch and stare out the windows at the Tetons or finish up a puzzle that someone else started (we did both).

The cottages at Jackson Lake Lodge

On our first day we headed up to Colter Bay where we rented a kayak for the afternoon and toured around Jackson Lake. I absolutely love kayaking. It’s relaxing but it’s still a workout. You know that you got yourself out there and you’ve got to get yourself back. We stayed out for a couple hours and managed to make it back before the afternoon thunderstorms arrived.

On Saturday, it was the perfect day for rest and relaxation. We toured around the park a bit more, taking in the sights and exploring Jenny Lake and some of the trails. We were much closer to Grand Teton and could see many of the waterfalls. We ended up sitting on the deck drinking cold Snake River Brewery beers and working on a puzzle to cap off the evening. It was just what I needed.

Before the long drive home on Sunday, we visited Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. I have yet to ride JHMR but it’s definitely on my list for spots I must ride in the future. It was great to walk around and see what they offer in the summer for guests. When you work for a resort, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a guest and a newcomer to another resort.

Since I was visiting Jackson Hole, I met up with the team from Four Seasons to find out more about their lodging and dining options at the base of the mountain. We had lunch at the Handle Bar on the deck with great company from Nicolas Sangros, the Food and Beverage Director. Alongside amazing food and desserts, we had great company and stories from around the globe. It was truly a pleasure to have met Nicolas along this journey and I look forward to returning to Jackson in the future (and having another Root Beer Float and burger to cap off the trip).

The weekend came to an end on Sunday as we completed the 9 hour drive back to Summit County. I definitely hope to make the return trip when I can see the beautiful snow capped peaks and ride the terrain. As someone who works in resorts, it’s easy to stay in one place but it really is great to visit other mountains as a guest.

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