Whistler Bike Park Opening Weekend 2014

19 May, 2014

One of the perks of being back in the Northwest is being in close proximity to the Whistler Bike Park. Just a five hour drive means I can head up to Canada for the weekend and ride an amazing bike park with friends. I was pretty excited to know that I would be back in the Northwest just in time for the Whistler Bike Park opening day on May 16.

Friday was the big opening day so I headed up with my friend Carrie to hit the trails together. We parked our cars at our lodging for the weekend and rode into town.

We ended up taking a lap before meeting up with other familiar faces. Our group ended up being 4 girls (myself, Carrie, Janet and Rachel) lapping the park. We mixed up the trails between easy and more technical, harder. Since it was day one, it was good to get back into the swing of biking without going too gnarly. It was such a good feeling to be back on trails like Heart of Darkness, Ninja Cougar, Samurai Pizza Cat and B-Line.

 With the new GoFest Whistler Festival going on for opening weekend – we were able to head into the village to see a free show from the Sheepdogs. It was a great show and the village was packed with people so it was good to hang out with familiar faces. After a couple drinks out, we called it a night and made our way home.

Saturday I was sore – oh so sore! But I made it up and felt better after the first lap. My Aurum has been amazing, such a great downhill bike and even though I thought the brakes might need work – I was fine to lap and just need to remind myself I don’t need to brake as much. While checking the brakes at the Pinkbike tent, they took my photo and I ended up on Pinkbike with my bike shot. Pretty rad!

So happy that I get to downhill bike this summer and return to Whistler Bike Park to do it! I ended up heading home early Saturday but definitely counting down till the next trip to Whistler Bike Park.

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