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11 Sep, 2008

Around this time of year I start making the list of boards I hope to ride for the upcoming season, what boards have rarely any reviews, and what boards people want to know more about, what bindings to try out? This year I want to ask the readers, what would snowboards do you want to see me ride and hear my input on?

This is your chance to make it known if you want a specific model to be reviewed or me to try to get on a board that’s harder to get. I welcome all responses and this will help me make the review list for this year more suitable to my readers. Case in point, I had multiple requests from readers this summer about a Union Contact binding review and because of that, I made sure to borrow them from Capita to ride at Hood.

I understand completely that online reviews are limited and some models/companies are harder to find reviews on…so that’s why I’m asking you guys for input. Keep in mind that I’ll be able to demo boards from November to March.

Just remember I ride both men’s and women’s boards and bindings. I’ll be reviewing based on my riding style which varies from freeriding to trees to powder to pipe. I’m going to work on more park this year but if you want a park review for jibs/jumps…not the best person here to do it. I’ve already rode some models for this upcoming 08-09 season, here’s the list of snowboards and bindings. Some stuff I plan to ride again, but let me know if you have something you’d like to see ridden again.

If you want me to ride something, to review it…post a comment (anyone can do it) and tell me what you want me to ride.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 11, 2008

    Hi Shay,

    Since you ask on your blog, here the snowboard, I will like you to try or talk about it.

    1.GNU Danny Kass 155 BTX, 2009
    2.Lib Tech T.Rice 153 BTX 2009

    To know which one is the best All Around Rockers for the Mountain.
    My criteria is : Twin Tip (for Switch), Powder, Pipe and Carving Fast… the rest will be Bonus
    Montreal, Canada

  2. Zboy
    September 11, 2008

    This one!

    And the Lib Banana Hammock

  3. Ali
    September 11, 2008

    Hey Shay,

    BTW love your blog its a great new way to look at this industry. If you get a chance can you give us your 2 cents on the Atomic El Presedente (the BOA) bindings. Just wondering about the fit of the BOA and the whole new redesign that Atomic has done on the binding line.
    Toronto, Canada

  4. Mike
    September 11, 2008

    Hi Shay,

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the 09 Burton UnInc from your perspective.


  5. Ryan West
    September 11, 2008

    Shannon, good to see the blog is doing well.

    If you could at all, test out an EcoNico for me! I’m super stoked to see burton supporting some (at least more) environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques.

    How do these materials and changes in the manufacturing process really impact riding, if at all?


  6. Shayboarder
    September 11, 2008

    Ha Zboy! The inventor of the Snurfer actually lives in my town…Sherman Poppen. I have yet to see on on the mountain to test though. I was thinking a no-board if I get the chance on a powder day.

    Thanks everyone, I’ll definitely make sure I demo those for this season. The uninc is a favorite board and I had planned to buy it…but at this time can’t afford it, haha so I’ll definitely demo it for you Mike.

    Be interesting to see Burton’s environmental take on a board. I rode the K2 zero and definitely something to offer those wanting a “green” board but still rides solid.

  7. Paul
    September 12, 2008

    Hi there!

    I haven’t yet seen any reviews of the TRS BTX, for example. Do I have to choose the size? Mine is 159 for example.

  8. Abby
    September 12, 2008

    I’d love a review of —

    1. Burton Lip-Stick
    2. Stepchild Jibstick

    Thanks Shay! You rock!

  9. hoon
    September 12, 2008


  10. Anonymous
    September 12, 2008

    Could you review the Union Force SL and compare it to the Contacts? Thanks.

  11. Shayboarder
    September 12, 2008

    On sizes, I typically ride the biggest women’s size which can be a 154-157cm. For men’s, I stick to either a 155cm or 158cm. For pow specific I stick to a 162cm or close to that. Just to give a heads up.

    Awesome keep the suggestions coming, it’s great to have your input and what boards or bindings to compare.

  12. petey
    September 12, 2008

    Stepchild boards like Jibstick, Chamberlain, JP Walker, Powder Sucks, and/or Latchkey. Also Artec and Forecast boards.

  13. MelbaToasted
    September 13, 2008

    gnu street BTX
    capita horrorscope FK
    burton hero
    nitro sub pop
    …you know, just go reverse camber crazy!

    this season i’m personally trying to decide between the already tried and true banana tech of the gnu street vs. maybe experimenting with capita’s reverse camber tech… so a review particularly of the horrorscope would be great, if you can get your hands on it through your contacts at capita… i already have a buddy at a shop holding a 156 for me as soon as they get in oct 1st but i’m skeptical of dishing out the cash for it without knowing anything about it or how it rides

  14. Anonymous
    September 13, 2008

    Never Summer, all and every single board from that wonderful company! You did a great job last year, keep on!
    Also, the Palmer Platinium LE which is not very frequent…and pricy.

    Plus, if you could get more politicly incorrect. If a board really sucks, say it! It can be hard to find out what you think sometimes. I’m just saying, I love your blog anyway!

  15. Shayboarder
    September 14, 2008

    I was thinking of adding a question to each review that would say “Would I buy this? Yes or No and why….do you think that would help with determining how I feel about a product?

    Obviously with my reviews even if I hate a snowboard or I think it rides crappy during certain conditions which generally every board does have some crappy area where it sucks at…I list that and try to make it clear it wasn’t great here or handled ok but not fab. And another issue is…I may hate a board and think it’s crap but others love it for the same reason…and my reviews stand by that even if I don’t like it…others might love it. So I just list that stuff.

    But I definitely want to make it more clear in the review process which boards I’m not a fan of and wouldn’t purchase. And obviously when I love something after riding it… I purchase it right away, case in point is the union contacts and k2 gyrator. Demo’d both of those and bought them within 2 weeks after.

    But yeah want suggestions on the review process as well. Would it help to add in that question or can you guys give me something else.

  16. Anonymous
    September 15, 2008

    I know you are trying to be as objective as possible, and that’s a good thing because, as you said, impressions can vary from person to person. But at the end, all boards (or other gear) seems to be equal. Maybe you could add a section called “My Opinion” or “Uncensored” that says what you really think about it, no matters what others wanted you to say…

  17. Shayboarder
    September 15, 2008

    Yeah that’s the hard part is I may ride it on a crappy day and be totally unfair to the board because of conditions or my own riding being off. So it’s definitely tough how to make it known when I don’t like a board.

    I like the new idea of a section that is uncensored. I’ll mess around with that and see what I come up with.

    It’s actually funny cause no one impacts what I say. Like for example, Lib let me ride the Riders choice and I really wasn’t impressed but mostly from the mtx…I hear about that review all the time from my friend at Lib and my review stays the same, I just didn’t like the mtx.

    But I definitely have boards I dislike and brands I won’t ride because i know i wouldn’t like how they ride, ie too soft, too squirrely, too crappy, stuff like that.

  18. Green
    September 15, 2008


    I vote for a test on the Banana Hammock too. I really want a rocker this year.

    We’re gonna have to go riding together sometime or at least yack over a few cold ones at the end of the day.


  19. Anonymous
    September 16, 2008

    Hi there Shay,
    your blog’s great, keep it that way:)
    I’d like to see a rome vinyl review (I read the rome blue one), please, or some other good womens allmountain board. Thanks
    Greetings from Bulgaria,

  20. Shayboarder
    September 16, 2008

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Green, I’m always up for riding with people so give me a shout and we can meet up to ride. I’ll work on the hammock to see if I can borrow it on a powder day.

    Lucie, Thanks! I’ll keep riding some more women’s boards this year including the vinyl.

  21. Anonymous
    September 16, 2008

    Great blog. I vote for as much reverse camber input you can give us. Personally, I’m interested in the Lib Tech 1986 Snow Mullet. Thanks for taking the time to demo.

  22. santoki
    October 07, 2008

    Hi Shay!

    It’d be great if you could test out the Arbor Push and/or Eden. They’re beautiful…but how do they ride?

  23. Lee Durfee
    October 08, 2008

    Ill be getting the horroscope as soon as they ship it to me. then ill be out to colorado for thanksgiving and im sure i will be getting some riding time in. id be happy to let people know what i think about itif you want.last i knew about it TJ loved it. said he was boosting 10 foot in the pipe on the 52. I thinkk it is a totally different ride then any of the other rocker boards out there.

  24. Jason
    October 14, 2008

    Hey Shay. Just found your blog today and I think it’s great that you’re doing this review. I’ve got a couple of boards that I’m looking at, if you could try to get a look some of these, that would be great.

    Gnu Altered Genetics BTX
    Lib Tech Travis Rice BTX
    Lib Tech TRS BTX
    Burton Shaun White
    Burton Se7en

    The type of style that I ride most often is primarily all-mountain, mainly just fast carving. I’ve never really gotten into the park, although I am hoping to get into it. I would like a board that can go all round if possible. If not, one that can still keep up with my riding style on the mountain, which is fairly aggressive. I currently ride a Salomon Era, the precursor to the LOFT, and I really enjoyed the stiffness of it and how it could keep up. It was just way too heavy for jumps or the park. Thanks


  25. Shayboarder
    October 15, 2008

    Thanks Jason! Good to see some Burton’s added to the list for this year.

  26. Shayboarder
    October 21, 2008

    Heads up to readers…I’m borrowing some libs/gnu’s to ride this weekend. I’ve got the trs, trice and b-pro to demo so just a heads up that I’ll be putting out reviews on those first.

    Here is the 2008-2009 snowboard review list so far

  27. Anonymous
    October 23, 2008

    Try the Gnu B-Pro BTX. It’s been the #1 rated board on Good Wood this year.

  28. Shayboarder
    October 23, 2008

    Thanks I’ll be riding it on Saturday, looking forward to that board.

  29. Anonymous
    November 04, 2008

    I’d love to see a test of the Nitro Eero… especially how it compares to the Wiig. Trying to make a decision between those ones, and by the review it seems that you thought pretty highly of the Wiig.


  30. Shayboarder
    November 05, 2008

    Sweet I did like the wiig a lot, I’ll try the eero as well.

    Demos start very soon so I’ll try to ride all the ones listed to me.

  31. Anonymous
    November 10, 2008

    Hi Shay,
    I would like for you to test the Rossignol Temptation if you could… Thanks!

  32. Shayboarder
    November 13, 2008

    Wasn’t able to try the eero since it’s not at the demos here. I’ll see what I can do to try it out.

    The Rossignol Temptation is also not at demos, it’s a low end box store board. If you need help picking out a board and had considered that, shoot me an email shayboarder@gmail.com

  33. Shayboarder
    November 15, 2008

    More reviews are up including Vinyl, TRS, Lando, Horrorscope.