Loveland 11/12/08: Demo Day

12 Nov, 2008

Today was an industry demo that was worth taking time off from work. I already had the time off due to my Vermont trip but that’s been cancelled so used the days to spend time on the slopes.
I drove down to Loveland this morning to spend today and tomorrow on the slopes. It’s been snowing in the mountains and no exception at Loveland today as the temperatures stayed cold and unfortunately the wind was alive and kicking. Even with the demo going on for skiers and boarders, it wasn’t busy on the mountain despite the parking lot being almost full.

So here’s the list of what I did demo today: Capita Horrorscope with Force bindings, K2 Believer with K2 Cinch Vette bindings, Burton Hero with Burton Escapade bindings, Burton Eco-nico with Burton Escapade bindings, Rome Anthem with Rome Madison bindings, Rome Vinyl with Rome Madison bindings and Flow Myriad with Flow NXT-AT bindings. Each board got at least 2 runs, the myriad and vinyl got 2 and all the others got at least 3. I spent the most time on the horrorscope in the morning.

Off the top of my head, horrorscope was fun, hero was fun…two boards completely different from each other and other reverse cambers. I like to see companies making it their own. Eco-nico was stiffer than I expected. Looking forward to tomorrow and trying out more gear and working on the reviews for all of them. Gag’s teased me about using my mtnops riding journal but I like to keep track by notes.
I’ll continue to demo tomorrow. Thanks to readers giving input, I have a whole list of boards and bindings to try out. I also try ones that I’m interested in as well. I’ll start putting up the reviews this week.

Johan from C3 flew out from Seattle to partake in the demos, so met up with him and made some turns throughout the day. Thanks Johan for the beer as well.

Johan riding through the super windy cat track

Greg from Flow ripping it up
By the afternoon, it was cold and windy…goggles were frozen and hard to see through.

The day went great despite the cold conditions. I was able to talk and meet some rad people, make some turns with them and try out more boards.

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  1. martinboards
    November 13, 2008

    arg i keep skating home through rain and you keep talking about how you went riding today.. weather in spokane, wa needs to catch up ASAP!

  2. Shayboarder
    November 13, 2008

    Yeah I feel the pain, lucky to have early and late seasons around winter in Colorado.