A look inside Spacecraft

25 Feb, 2010

Spacecraft’s story starts out with a snow cat in the remote backcountry that would become the identifiable look to spacecraft over the years.  From the beaches of Bali to the mountains in Seattle, Spacecraft has found a way to create art but also support and grow to make a difference.     Since then Spacecraft has emerged with their brand recognition and creates some of the most artistic designs on wallets, belts, beanies, t-shirts that you can rock anywhere.  Their sticker movement continues to make its way around the world constantly growing the snow cat recognition.

Located near downtown Seattle, Spacecraft is tucked away with only the numbers 227 and a bright orange door to let you know you’ve arrived.  I arrived at Spacecraft on Thursday afternoon to meet with Spacecraft’s marketing director Ryan Davis and check out what goes on at the Spacecraft offices.

To get into Spacecraft, there are two doors you must enter but well marked in the traditional Spacecraft way.

As soon as you enter the building, you realize you aren’t in your typical snowboard office.  Spacecraft is a smaller company but they make the little space they have, completely spacecrafted up with their collection of art over the years and fun designs they’ve come across.

A look at the wall on the left shows who is in the building and just in case you forget when an intern is supposed to be here or what they look like, the intern army photo helps you along.

Spacecraft collaborations are on hand with their 10-11 Ride Snowboard on the wall sitting alongside a Signal Park Series.

Spacecraft just featured their 10-11 products at SIA which they used the shoe hangers to keep everything organized at the show.  I’ll be showing a sneak peak soon of some of their upcoming beanies/wallets/designs they have.

Inside is the lounge/meeting area, if you take the stairs to the right you enter the graphic design world where all the ideas and artwork is put to life in Spacecraft’s products.

When you walk up the stairs you get to see the graphic designers desks working on the latest products.

I was able to check out Senior Graphic Designer Colby Smith’s desk.  Colby was one of my 2009 Summer Industry Profile interviews and writes the best Christmas cards with spacecraft stickers inside.

Another desk upstairs was kept busy with samples and getting designs done.

Ryan Davis showing off the bunny

Back downstairs and down the hallway you get to see some hilarious posters lining the walls and Ryan’s dog chills on the floor during work.

Over Ryan and Aaron’s desks is a map of Bali

Spacecraft’s marketing director Ryan Davis making important phone calls

Spacecraft is quite known for their stickers, the mass array of stickers are kept somewhere and that’s in these drawers at their offices.

Checking out the regional stickers they have…got some rockies to stick up!

Thousands of stickers

Art & stickers

That comprised of the tour of Spacecraft’s office in Seattle, Washington and a huge thanks to Ryan for letting me stop by to check out their world.

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  1. burritosandsnow
    February 25, 2010

    as I tweeted to you … best stickers in the industry haha! Love their vibe and the office totally looks like I would imagine it.

  2. February 25, 2010

    Love these peeks inside the industry’s workplaces! Spacecraft’s a great company built with great people. Thanks for doing the foot-work!

  3. February 25, 2010

    Nice tour – I remeber getting a hold of the b/w snowcat stick back when I lived in Seattle – I plastered it on my computer tower at the Bryan Ohno Gallery. Good times.

  4. Webster
    February 25, 2010

    “That comprised of . . .” – Shay

    “I do not think that means what I think you think it means.” – Indigo Montoyo

    “Me fail English? That unpossible!” – Ralph Wiggum

  5. February 25, 2010

    So cool, what a neat studio space! P.S. Really wish you were here 🙁

  6. February 26, 2010

    Hey Shay that was a great article. Being from Seattle I’ve always wanted to know their story and you told it well. Thanks, and keep the good work flowing.

  7. February 28, 2010

    awww spacecraft interns eh… would like to land that job.. wonder if its paid 🙂