Holy Oly 2010

21 Feb, 2010

Events like the Holy Oly make me miss being in the northwest, it’s partially the people but also the vibe of just having fun at a event/contest.  It’s not about the money, fame, spectators or sponsors…it’s just hanging out having a good time watching people throw down on a quarterpipe.  This was my second Holy Oly which was a great way to end my trip to Seattle.

I woke up early Saturday the most sore I’ve ever been in my life from decking the pipe at Stevens but that didn’t stop me from having a great day!  Gorio picked me up and after a much needed coffee stop, we headed up to Summit at Snoqualmie.  The Holy Oly is always at Summit East (Hyak) but last year the mudslide moved it to Summit West so it’s great to see it back in the original destination.  Unfortunately Summit East is still not open since the mudslide which meant everyone attending had to hike up to the quarterpipe.  Despite the snow conditions this year, they were able to move snow and non-snow to build up the quarterpipe for the event.

We arrived early just in time for rider/media registration, Gorio registered to rip up the QP and I was attending as media which meant I got a number as well (plus free cobradogs that I forgot to eat).

My duct taped number 34!  So I didn’t expect to ride today but I brought my board and gear just in case and I finally did it!  I waited till the event was over and tried 3 times on the quarterpipe.  The first time was scary and after the 3rd time it was just fun.  I didn’t air out or even get close but it was a blast to just try it.   Next year I’ll try for bigger during the actual event.

We headed up to the quarterpipe which wasn’t as big as last year but it was a fun setup with the QP and tube city features on the right.  Riders were dropping in fast to a variety and I only saw one collision during the day.  There were plenty of people watching the action, from spectators to industry to media.  I knew Yobeat would knock out content quick so I was able to enjoy the day, drink in the evening and have a good time before finally getting to my write up.

From mini shreds to old dudes, there was such a mix of riders at the Holy Oly and everyone having a good time on the QP.  It was insane to watch the snowskaters hit the features, no fear at all!  The best was seeing the riders go big:  Peter Line, Austin Hironaka, Pat McCarthy, Monty Hayes, Sean Genovesee, Dustin Craven, Forest Bailey were names I was very familiar with and new names like Danny Garrity and Jess Kimura.

Jesse Burtner and Krush calling the shots at the Holy Oly

Pete Saari from Mervin and his kid hiking up for some QP action

Peter Line getting air time

Austin Hironaka stalling on the tube

It didn’t take long for me to notice one rider just charging it and handing out methods left and right the entire day.  Danny Garrity came up from South Lake Tahoe for the huckfest and proved his talents.  It was my first time hearing his name, first time meeting him and was a great guy so stoked for him to take home an award.

Danny Garrity took home the northwest method award and proved his skills in the air

Austin Sweetin

Patrick McCarthy

Jess Kimura took home the Y Chromosome and Best crash award at the Holy Oly which was much deserved to the girl for just charging.  It was the first time I’ve seen her ride in person but I’ve heard about her riding and in person it was impressive, charging as hard as the boys and going as big as the boys…women’s snowboarding where it needs to go.  It was also great to hear she’s filming with Think Thank for next year’s film, kudos to Jess!  Later at the bar I was able to meet Jess and had the best night hanging out with her.

Forest Bailey tail blocking the tube

Forest Bailey

Hard to see but Craven and Bridges double handplant action on the QP

Austin won the Holiest of the Oly Award and proved why he’s the man

Dustin Craven

Triple action in tube city

Sean Tedore designs boards at K2 and he rips

Blue, Katie and Kate on hand to watch the action

Cory from cobradogs was on hand to take photos

Kate from Zumiez and myself

Sean Tedore took home the hardest charging industry dude for his moves

Austin Hironaka the winner!  He’s on his way to Turkey now but I’m sure Olympia’s finest beer will be a tasty treat to return home to.

One of the highlights of this years Holy Oly was meeting a couple blog readers, I was able to meet Girl gets Board blogger Bekah, Fes and Adrian.  It’s great to be able to meet the people who are stoked on the blog and get to talk in person.

Mitch and Bekah


The Holy Oly ended with a afterparty at the Timberwolf bar which meant dinner and drinks to finish out the day, plus good tunes from Sweet Water.  I probably enjoyed the afterparty a little too much but it was fun just hanging out with everyone, buying drinks and catching up.  A huge thanks to Gorio for making sure I made it home!

Crazy photo moments with Jess and Sean

Pat McCarthy and myself making crazy faces

Danny Garrity celebrating with delicious pizza afterwards

Spacecraft on deck at the afterparty, bunny and Ryan Davis

It was the best day in Washington and best way to end the trip, of course it meant for a haggard morning but I made my 7:40am flight and was able to sleep on the way back to Colorado.  Good times at the Holy Oly and can’t wait for next year!

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  1. Brek Leines
    February 21, 2010

    I totally saw you n was gunna come say hello but you were takin photo’s haha

  2. anjanette
    February 23, 2010

    Shay, can hardly wait until your back in Seattle, my casa is your casa! love ya girl

  3. February 23, 2010

    Brek, dang man! You should have come and said hello…photos eh, not important!

    Anj, definitely I appreciate everything you do for me. Those sugar cookies were a hit too, mom made is what I told everyone.